Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Essence of In

Styles change so much. I'm a completely aesthetic what ever I find to be beautiful, I'll buy it (if I have money). Then there's the change of styles of styles (if that makes any sense. ha) Like back in the late 90's I remember punk and goth got pretty big. Now, I've noticed less goth, punk has still lingered around (kudos for you guys)
THIS is for people who are NOT in a particular style, because they do what they want; independent. However, this ideal has always been around, it just wasn't called this.
I've noticed more and more people taking on this way of thinking, being your own person is "cool" (but shouldn't it always be this way?), but it is the exact same thing as being trendy, for most of the extent. Basically what I'm trying to say is: If everyone is "indie" are they really indie?
'Cause you can go out right now to Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie and come out looking indie.
I guess I would, in some ways, compare being indie, to the hippie's debateable.
Different views and opinions are now looked at aesthetically, and admired, instead of being judgmental of them.
(these are just my analogies/observations)
I mean, some times I would be what you would call "in style" and sometimes I'm not. I keep morphing everyday I guess. Like I said, If I love it, Ill get it. I usually end up in skinnies a white t and my moccasins from 10th grade. haha. I own too many white shirts.

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