Saturday, February 27, 2010

So many lonely people; so many faithful friends.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Christian?

Sometimes I just think, that its hard for people to be Christians. We all mean well, but we don't 'do' well. We know where we're supposed to be, but our legs are frozen. We can't be automatically strong, but we can work our way up to that point, with God's help. And then you hear all those people saying stuff like: " I'm weak. God knows I'm weak, but he still loves me and accepts me". Ya that is true, but are you actually living for Him? Does He want to continue in a relationship with someone that acts like us? If we truly imagine our relationship with God, as a relationship with someone special, we might do things allot differently.

It's like saying you are married to your spouse, and yet we sleep around with other people, or never come 'home'. Are you really married? Legally. Do we act like we are married? No. We take our 'wedding' rings off whenever we feel like it, so people wont be able to tell if we are married or not, so you can appear single, or for whatever reason there may be. Why be married in the first place if you are going to act like that? Seriously. Same reasons go for living for God;why be a Christian in the first place? Can people tell that you are a Christ follower? Or is the only way they know by saying that you "believe in Him". We believe in Him, but we hide him (literally) so people wont judge us and think we are nerdy, reserved Christians.So many people hate Christians, it's true. So why would you want to be hated? Why not act like you aren't one? Why not be a liberal Christian?( not the political meaning of liberal) We can be accepted more. Let's live like everyone else, but I'll just tattoo Jesus on my arm so I will never forget what He did for me.
Are we actually making his death worth it, by how we live?
Yes, we mess up, but is our messing up a continuous habit? Or something that we regret and grieve in our hearts for what we have done against God? Do we even try? Do we try to live like God?

Lately I've been realizing that this process, and lifestyle, of living for God, is requiring that I cast out things that aren't like Him. Just like it would be in a marriage. If your wife/husband is a drug addict, or any other kind of addict, that certainly puts strains on a marriage; gets in the way. But if that hindrance is put away with, and there is a sincere heart to turn around, the marriage will eventually restore. If you work at it. Same thing with God.

I think some people like the idea that they are weak Christians, I don't. If you enjoy wallowing in your self pity of being a weak christian, and try to make yourself feel better by saying that "Jesus loves you", and do not make any changes to try to live like Christ, you might as well, leave God, and don't you dare say that you are a follower of Christ, because you aren't, by the way you are living.
How many of us think: "What will my God, think if I do this?" Let's addmit it, we just don't care.